A Law Firm That Listens. Lawyers love to talk. But the best lawyers are the ones that listen. At The Salzman Law Office we know that you want one thing from your lawyer- solutions. Too many lawyers have a "fight-first, bill-later" mentality. Our motto at The Salzman Law Office? "Listen first, solve now." Our estate planning and marital law practice serves people in transition. We take pride in helping you reach your destination by taking the smoothest and most cost-effective path.  


Legal Services

Estate Planning

The Salzman Law Office partners with you to draft an estate plan that meets your family's individual needs. Before we draft your will or trust documents, we learn about your family and your priorities during an initial consultation. We continue to solicit your input throughout the drafting process and will work with you over time to keep your will or trust current. The end result? An individually tailored estate plan that will serve the needs of you and your loved ones for generations to come.


Divorce Litigation

A divorce is always a highly emotional experience. You need your lawyer to stay clear-headed and focused in order to minimize the expense and disruption of the process as much as possible. Unlike firms who seek out areas of disagreement, encouraging conflict and increasing the costs for both parties, The Salzman Law Office looks to find the clearest path to a successful resolution that protects you and your family with an eye toward your future.


Agreed Marital Settlements

For divorcing couples who share the goal of minimizing litigation, negotiated settlement agreements are often the best vehicle for a dissolution of marriage that is practical and respects the dignity of all people involved. The Salzman Law Office regularly partners with clients and opposing counsel to draft Marital Settlement Agreements that are fair to both parties. We are especially proud of those cases where children are shielded from the anxiety and trauma that come from extended courtroom battles.


In Their Words

"When I hired Adam to represent me in my divorce, I was worried that I would be in court for years. Fortunately, Adam took control of the process immediately and within weeks, we were negotiating a settlement agreement. Our first court date was also our last! I have heard horror stories about divorces that lasted for many years. I am so glad I found a lawyer who knew how to avoid a long and expensive process."



"We were unsure of what estate planning options existed for us as a same-sex couple. Adam walked us through the full range of options and took the time to educate us on each one of them. His patience and advice made it possible for us to finally know that security as a family for the first time."

Lori & Alicia

 "Estate planning was on our to-do list for years. We avoided it, in part, because we imagined it was going to be a tremendously difficult process, wrought with complexity and confusion. Instead, we felt informed and empowered working with Adam. He crafted a personalized estate plan and explained the laws and our options, in ways we could understand. Adam’s approach gave us confidence to navigate challenging decisions and we would not have trusted our family’s future to anyone else."

Julie & Brett